Thursday, May 31, 2012

Science Fiction Paranormal Novel, The Unwanted

                               Enjoy This Unusual, But Engaging Book!

The Unwanted, the first book in the G-6 Chronicles Series, is a new genre for me to read and review, so I was very interested and excited to try something new. 

The author, Daniel Carter is a Christian author, so as I began my journey into this science fiction paranormal novel I believed that the story would not lead me into any dark places I would never want to visit.  It certainly delivered.  Not only was the story exciting, but the virtues of Christianity were carefully and cleverly intertwined within the character's lives.  

I have just completed reading "The Unwanted" and loved the action!  The story was exciting from page one, leading me from a mysterious explosion in New York to the hidden back woods of a ranch in Oklahoma where five babies were taken refuge from the threat upon their lives.  As the children grow, each experience strange and unique characteristics that set them apart from society.  What happens as a result of their unexplained existence, make the rest of the story absolutely riveting.  Go to my complete review here: The Unwanted Review page.

I'll give a short summary from the author to give you an idea of what the book is about. I love mystery's so the story has already captivated me. Also, I want to make note of Daniel's book cover and website. His book cover really stands out to me and his website is quite an artistic mix of bright color against a dark background. It also includes a plethora of information about the books in his series. You may be interested to visit. Here's the link to his site.
The Unwanted

Here's The Summary:

- An explosion shatters the night sky...

Smoke and flames erupt over the city of Chicago. FBI Agent Nick Catlin watches helplessly as their only lead straps on a glider and leaps off a high rooftop, soaring toward Lake Michigan. They've lost him, again. The crime scenes always fit the same pattern--five babies are among the casualties. Fourteen months later, though, in New York, no infant bodies are found. Nick's gut tells him the killer was somehow interrupted in his work and won't stop until he tracks down those children and finishes what he started. Oklahoma rancher Leigh Barrus is barely making ends meet when his estranged niece, Janet, shows up at his ranch with five babies in tow. The terrifying tale she tells him about genetic experiments is only the beginning of the shocking truths. Keep a look out for my review. I'll be posting it shortly under the category of "Book Reviews."

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