Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Christian Daily Devotional

I have just read the Christian Daily Devotionals from the 122 Love Letters From The Throne Of God.  This original work was written by Christian author and speaker, Nichole Marbach.  It's truly an amazing, God inspired collection of devotions that span 122 days.  

The theme of Nichole's letters is about God's unfailing and undying love for each of His children.  She clearly makes the point that we should look at our Heavenly Father as "Daddy." This is a term of endearment most Christians don't think to use for God. This could be because they feel it respectful or because they feel too distant from God.

122 Love Letters...shares one beautiful message to read each day that are Words from God given to Nichole.  She meticulously put the messages given her into this beautiful book for all Christians and anyone who is looking for the truth about God to read.  

Reading each message will empower you to move closer to God spiritually and in your daily life.  I believe this is a book that should be read over and over again.  So once you reach the 122nd day, begin again!  To obtain the book, go to my Review Page For the book at Christian Daily Devotional.  Visit Nichole's website.