Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Midas Touch Book Review

When the book, The Midas Touch by Kenneth Hagin first came out I rushed to purchase it and I wasn't disappointed.  It 's a great information book about the balance of money, how to regard money, and also to see clearly through the myths some churches and Christians teach about the prosperity message from a Biblical point of view.

Although I wanted to read the book, when I read it for the first time, I was distracted at the time because I was very busy.  So I waited a little while and then read it again without distraction.  This helped me to get the full impact of the book for changes in my life regarding money and to become a better steward with my money.  

From my experience reading the book I feel it important to create times for reading it so that you can get the full impact of what Kenneth Hagin is teaching and to get the principles of how to give money into the Kingdom of God correctly.  Many Christians do not receive a return on their tithes and offerings.  Pastor Hagin teaches how to give our money God's way into our churches so that He can prosper it. 

Once I received these understandings it increased my earnings and my ability to receive financial opportunities so that I would have more money to give to God and become a financial blessing.

If you're having money problems this is a great book to help you understand money God's way.