Monday, July 2, 2012

Christian Fiction Inspiration by Jim Armstrong

I'm excited to present another exciting Christian fiction inspiration novel.  Written by Christian author, Jim Armstrong, this action thriller promises to deliver a great story that not only entertains, but has a subtle Christian message embedded throughout the story. 

This new Inspiration Fiction Novel, The Day The World Retreated is now available!  Shortly I'll have my review of this exciting story published on this page.   However, I have his book summary listed on my website along with more information.  Visit Victory Bible Studies Book Reviews. 

Here is a short summary to give an idea of what the book is about.

The Day The World Retreated

Beginning with an apparently unrelated event in 1894, four lives intertwine across the shifting sands of time in a grand design that reaches its climax on this fateful New Year’s Eve.  An act of Divine inspiration sparks a series of events that one year later transforms the entire planet....

Read Jim's book to learn more.  It's currently available from, Full Sail Books and Barnes and Nobel. Here is a link from for your convenience: The Day The World Retreated

Visit Jim's website