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Friday, February 8, 2013

New Christian Book, Slaying Lifes Dragons and Beasts

Christian Book, Slaying Life's Dragons and Beasts

Gary Millner's new Christian Book, Slaying Life's Dragons and Beasts is a subject I particularly find of great importance.  From my experience as a Christian counselor and life coach, and from personal experience, I've found it difficult, if not impossible, for a person to move forward with God until they fix the inner turmoil that is plaquing their life.

Gary's book gives one the ability to address the problems that are keeping them from living a full and productive life in Christ and the understanding of how to use God's Word so that they can live in peace and harmony on a daily basis.

If you're troubled from your past, you have addictions that you don't know how to control, or you're not able to get past an event in your life that has caused you pain, Slaying Life's Dragons and Beasts will give you the guidance based upon Biblical scripture to be set free and enjoy your life.

Christian Book, Slaying Life's Dragons and Beasts Information:   

Product Category: SELF-HELP / Substance Abuse & Addictions / General RELIGION / Christian Life / Personal Growth

Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises
ISBN #: 978-1-62024-672-6

Pages: 208

Publication Date: 2013-03-05

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Christian Life Book By Gary Lee Millner

Learn how to overcome life's addictions

Christian Life Book By Gary Lee Millner

A Summons For Champion Strength by S. R. Sinclair

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Great Horse Story

 Book Review For Pie An Old Brown Horse by Margaret Lukasik

I've Just Read A Great Horse Story For All Ages!  

I want to share a part of my book review for this wonderful and unique story written by Kandy Kay Scaramuzzo.  The title is Pie An Old Brown Horse and I loved the story from beginning to end.  Written from the point-of-view of an old rescued horse named Pie, it was heart-warming and absolutely enchanting!  I've never read another story like it.  

This unique story depicts the life of Pie, a loveable horse, to his current age of 38. His has a great beginning, but ends up in trouble with wounds that take their time to heal. Life takes a difficult turn for him, but just when things look their worst, something special happens to his life that gives him a great purpose and influence over the lives of others who need the special warmth and spirit he offers. 

Kandy Scaramuzzo is a terrific writer! I highly recommend her new book which will melt your heart! Pie An Old Brown Horse will keep you smiling again and again!

For my complete review, go here.

To get more information about ordering this great book, go to Kandy's blog page.