Thursday, July 9, 2015

Losers Like Us - Redefining Discipleship After Epic Failure


Losers Like UsI've just read a most unique Christian book that's exciting to read, yet it teaches Christian growth throughout the story.  It's a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience that leaves one feeling positive about their ability to serve God and have a  relationship with Him. The book title is Losers Like Us and it's written by Daniel Hochhalter.        

     I highly recommend Losers Like Us!  It's a book that reflects the warmth of the author's character with just the right touch of humor throughout his story.   But what I found most inspiring was the depth of his honesty and vulnerability to share his past failures and mistakes.  The strength of his character literally builds throughout the book demonstrating that out of adversity comes great spiritual success! Christians need to examine their failures and mistakes from a Godly point of view rather than worldly in order to see them as opportunities to draw nearer to God and this is what Daniel has learned to do.  This is an inspiring book for all Christians, but especially for those who believe they're just too flawed to be used by God.  

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