Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Christian Fiction Book, An Interview With Lucifer

Author Eddie Cruz's An Interview With Lucifer

An Interview With Satan
This is a book that should be read by all Christians as it will make them re-evaluate their lives and how they can be more faithful in their everyday living. But where this book will find it’s true mark is with the unbeliever or doubter as it will surely give them thoughts to ponder, realities to dwell upon and many profound questions that can be answered by this brilliantly written book, An Interview With Lucifer.

The fictional interview takes place in Madison Square Garden in the present day. It's televised but the stadium is packed to capacity and the interview will be televised around the world. On stage there are two participants, the interviewer and Lucifer. The interviewer and later the audience ask questions of the devil who agrees to answer them truthfully "most of the time."

The story starts slowly with Lucifer being a little intimidated but as the interview continues he gets bolder and more powerful with his answers. The audience mostly believes that this is a hoax and that a man is playing the part of Lucifer. When unbelievers ask questions Lucifer is arrogant and happy, letting them know it's OKAY not to believe in him, and better yet, if they don't believe in God or Jesus. As he says, there are only two choices, for man will surly die and then his life decisions will determine where his soul will go for eternity.

The devil says that he is happy if you don't believe in him, because then you don't believe in Jesus so your soul will go to hell. When a true believer from the audience questions the devil he becomes agitated and has them thrown out of the stadium. As the interview continues it becomes apparent the devil has a greater motive than just to inform humans of his goals, but I have to say the ending left me with a very real feeling that the deceiver is always after us and our very souls are at stake.

I believe the main purpose of An Interview With Lucifer is to get people’s attention for following Jesus Christ and to read God’s Word so they will not be diverted from living it and spending eternity with God in heaven.

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Christian Fiction Book, An Interview With Lucifer


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